2D battle royale game with building!
Instructions: WASD to move. Use mouse to aim, dig, and pick weapons.
Build .946
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Diggerz??

Diggerz is a 2D Battle Royale game where your goal is to be the last survivor! To do this, you can shoot other players of course, but also build and dig a defense! When you dig, you can uncover new weapons and tools.

Are you aware of this bug?

We play all the time and are probably aware, yes. But here are two:

Lag! What should I do?

So you're too laggy, and it's taking a long time between someone shooting or seeing a shot:

My game isn't smooth, it's "laggy"?

If you're running Chrome, try enabling Experimental Canvas Features:

This may make it better, or worse. Only one way to find out.

Why can't I move and shoot at the same time?

Some systems have palm-cancelling software enabled by default, which prevents simultaneous keyboard and trackpad/mouse input. Check your system settings for palm cancelling/rejection and turn down the sensitivity or disable it altogether.

Are you going to add more stuff?

We have so many weapons planned, but only so many hours in the day and so many projects to work on, but be patient and we'll see what we can do! Hats are easy to add, weapons are hard.

How do I enable WebGL?

That depends on your browser! Diggerz requires WebGL, so if you can play the game already, it's enabled, and you don't have to worry about this! Otherwise, follow the directions for your browser below. You should really get the latest firefox or chrome. It's better for everyone.

Chrome 49+

Step 1 - Enable hardware acceleration Step 2 - Enable WebGL

Firefox 54+

You shouldn't have to restart.

Safari 10.1+

Edge 14+

It's already enabled, so make sure your graphics drivers are installed!

Internet Explorer

Good luck with that.

What are websockets?

Websockts are what let the browser talk to our servers. It should work in any of the following browsers:

Supported browsers

System requirements

This is purely a guess, but you'll get the idea:

Change Log

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